It’s Not Called the Sunshine State for Nothing!

Time to Move To Sarasota, Florida!

Just in case you didn’t already have a lengthy list of reasons to move to Sarasota Florida, here’s another one: The moderate temperatures we enjoy here Sarasota Sunny Weatherin Sarasota are expected to stay that way for longer periods of time because of changes in the main system that determines our weather.

According to a recent article I was reading, scientists believe that the jet stream that determines weather in Northern Europe and North America is changing, taking an increasingly longer, meandering path.

This, scientists say, is likely to cause weather patterns to stay the same for more prolonged periods of time. And in Sarasota, that translates to more idyllic weather for longer parts of the year!

More of the Same Incredible Weather Expected in Sarasota

For those of you who may not know, the jet stream is a high-speed air current in the atmosphere that creates our weather patterns.  It’s fueled, at least in part, by the different temperatures between the Arctic and the mid-latitudes.

When that temperature difference is large, the jet stream moves quickly.  But when the difference between the Arctic and the mid-latitudes is not that large, it slows down.

This results in weather patterns that tend to stick around for longer periods of times over areas. So for Sarasota residents, that translates to better weather conditions all year long!

Of Course, Sarasota is More Than Just Great Weather

Our community has so much more to offer residents than just an excellent local climate.

Here are some just of the reasons people love calling Sarasota home:

  • Mortgage rates remain low for those not buying with cash
  • Abundant inventory of affordable single family homes and condo properties
  • Excellent public schools
  • A thriving local economy

What’s more, Sarasota offers its residents everything they need to live a comfortable lifestyle: from pharmacies to grocery stores, shopping malls to movie theaters, comedy theaters to performing arts halls. We have it all!

Relocate to Sarasota Now

Invest in a home for sale in Sarasota now to escape the bitter winters up north and to enjoy our more mild winters here instead!

Contact me, Dennis Kotaska, to inquire about available listings.  You may also want to catch up with recent sales activity on the Sarasota real estate market by checking out my market statistics.

I feel confident that once you start navigating the local housing market, you’ll find the home of your dreams in no time, especially with my help!

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