How the Florida Economy is Doing: Good News for Financial Health

rising stack of moneyFor many of us, how the economy is doing may be a more important question on our minds as a result of the Great Recession.

But it looks like Florida is making a remarkable recovery.

Let’s take a look at recent rankings that may ease your worries about the state’s financial health.

Florida in the Top 5 for Fiscal Performance

Florida ranks #5 in the nation for best financial strength, according to USA Today, based on the state government’s strategy to pay off debts, budget for the year, fund pensions, and plan for the financial future.

Strong State Economy

Sunny Florida is known for its tourism and agricultural climate, and the state made the top 10 in economic rankings in the nationBusiness Insider listed Florida as #7, citing its revenue surplus and recovering housing market.

Rising Home Values

calculator and financial sheetNow that Florida is recovering from the Great Recession, perhaps you may have noticed rising home values across the state. You may even find that your own Florida property values have changed dramatically.

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