9 Really Compelling Reasons to Move to Sarasota This Year

Thinking it might be time to find your perfect retirement home? Sick of winter and eyeing the Sunshine State? Looking for a new job or considering starting your own business? Whatever your reasons may be, you’re thinking of moving… so here are 10 great reasons to choose to move to Sarasota, FL.

There’s No Winter!

One of the biggest perks of living in Florida is, of course, the lack of snow, ice, shoveling, shivering, plowing, scraping, slipping, and all the other fun aspects of winter.

Yes, summers can be a bit hot and humid, but where on the East Coast isn’t it? Bonus: in Sarasota, you’re never far from the beach!

And the Beaches are Beautiful

beautiful beaches to enjoy when you move to sarasotaIf you’re looking for a fantastic (and free!) beach, Sarasota is the place to find it. In fact, our own Siesta Beach has been named one of the Best Beaches in America—partly because of its unique composition of 99% quartz, which not only looks beautiful, but keeps the sand cool underfoot!

Bonus: There are lots of other great free beaches, too, like Longboat Key, Venice Beach, Lido Key, Crescent Beach, and more.

There’s a TON to Do

Need a break from the beach? Don’t worry… there’s plenty to enjoy, no matter what kind of activities you like. Shopping, dining, nightlife? We’ve got them. Arts, theatre and culture? No problem. Aquariums, museums, and history? Without a doubt!

Bonus: there are tons of events to enjoy, from the Sun Fiesta to the Sarasota Circus, the Holiday Boat Parade to the Fourth of July Fireworks. There are art walks, sand sculpting competitions, spring training baseball games, and so much more!

Including Outdoor Adventures

outdoor adventures in sarasotaBesides the beach, there are tons of ways to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in Sarasota. We’ve got 120 parks and trails throughout the county, totaling over 3,000 acres of parkland and open spaces.

Bonus: Don’t miss out on a scenic paddling tour of our miles of scenic mangrove coastline!

And Plenty of Jobs

working in sarasota

With low unemployment rates and over 20,000 businesses throughout the county, it’s no surprise Sarasota has been named one of the “Best Cities for Jobs” by Forbes Magazine!

Bonus for entrepreneurs and biz owners: 75% of those businesses are small to medium-sized companies.

Healthcare is Top-Notch

Important for all of us, but especially for retirees is the quality of healthcare you’ll find in Sarasota. We’ve got four local hospitals, one of which has even been named among “America’s 50 Best Hospitals”.

Bonus: Sarasota itself has been listed as one of America’s cities with the best healthcare systems.

The Schools are Good, Too

good schools in sarasota

Low dropout rates, high graduation rates, and plenty of specialized programs and opportunities make Sarasota County Schools truly stand out. In fact, the district is ranked the #2 Best School District in Florida!

Bonus: there are plenty of other schooling options available, too, including charter, private, alternative and independent, technical and specialty, and continuing or adult education.

It’s Actually Quite Affordable

affordable housing in sarasota

Living in the lap of luxury feels like it should come with a high price tag, but not in Sarasota! We enjoy the perks of life without state income tax, low property taxes, and low energy and utility costs.

Bonus: Housing is very affordable, too!

And There are Lots of Housing Options

affordable housing in sarasotaCharming townhomes. Historic mansions. Spacious estates. Beach bungalows. Downtown condos. Waterfront luxury. Golf homes. We’ve got it all.

Bonus: The median home value of Sarasota is just $190,000! You can find a luxury waterfront condo for as little as $500,000, a 4-bed 3-bath single-family home with a pool for about $400,000.

Ready to Pack Up & Move to Sarasota Yet?

Convinced yet? If you’re thinking of moving to Sarasota, then it’s time to contact The Kotaska Team. We’re here to help you explore the area. Discover its beautiful neighborhoods. And find the perfect place to call home.

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