5 Healthy Reasons to Buy a Sarasota Golf Course Home

Staying healthy as you age is vitally important to being able to fully enjoy and appreciate the retirement lifestyle we’ve all been waiting for! And while golfing may seem like more of a leisurely pastime, it can actually be quite good for your health!

So, here are 5 health benefits to living on a golf course in Sarasota when you retire!

1. You (Can) Walk a Lot

walking the course from a sarasota golf course homeLeave the golf cart behind and give yourself a chance to stretch your legs a bit! In fact, studies have shown walking to have the same cardiovascular impact as riding a bike, swimming, or jogging (minus the harsh impact)!

2. It Improves Balance (And Strengthens Muscles)

swinging a club while golfing from a sarasota golf course homeAny good golfer knows, there’s an art to the perfect swing. It requires a certain grace, timing, and plenty of muscle activation if you really want to drive that ball. All of these can develop muscle strength and improve balance to help prevent falls.

3. It’s a Stress-Reducer

having fun golfing from a sarasota golf course homeIt’s a chance to get outside, get some exercise, socialize, and take part in an activity you love! It’s a sport without all the aggression and tension, and with all the benefits of a workout and all the fun of a game.

4. It Improves Brain Power & Concentration

While many sports are highly dependent on reaction and instinct, golf is definitely a thinking game. It involves a strong focus and concentration, as well as a decent amount of hand-eye coordination. Plus, exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which improves overall cognitive function.

5. Many Golf Communities Have Other Amenities

lifting weights at a fitness center at a sarasota golf course communityWhile golf in itself might be a pretty good form of exercise, it’s not the only good one! Swimming, tennis, strength training, power-walking, yoga and tai chi… these can all be great activities for older adults. And many golf communities offer the amenities like pools, tennis courts, fitness centers (with classes), and walking trails, so you can enjoy your favorite activities right at home!

Golf is Plentiful in Sarasota

beautiful sarasota golf course home for saleThere are tons of beautiful golf courses (and golf homes) in the Sarasota area! And around each course, you can find tons of exceptional housing options that range from really affordable to amazingly luxurious.

What are some of our favorite golf course communities? Lakewood Ranch, for one! Country Club of Sarasota is another great option. Country Club East and Laurel Oak Country Club are two others.

Ready to Find Home in Sarasota

If you’re thinking of retiring to or purchasing a home in Sarasota, then it’s time to contact The Kotaska Team. We’re here to help you explore the area, discover its beautiful neighborhoods, and find the perfect home for sale.

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