Discover the Latest Sarasota News: The 20:20 Bayfront Development

The Sarasota area has long been filled with some of the finest places in the state to call home. From beautiful beachfront getaways to estates nestled in acres upon acres of rolling green hills, Sarasota has it all.

While there is a wealth of worthwhile properties to choose from, the residents and community stakeholders of Sarasota continue to push for growth and innovation. In the process of shaping the bayfront, the 20:20 Bayfront Development Project was born.

About the Development

A pier at nightThe 20:20 Bayfront Development is an exciting ongoing master plan for the bay area in Sarasota. The “20:20” name is a play on both the year the project hopes to see significant results and the clear vision that the community has for its future. In addition to establishing public access to the bayfront, the project also hopes to create a cultural and economic legacy for the Sarasota area.

Currently, the project is in Phase III of implementation after almost 5 years of public input. With an approved master plan and a detailed vision for the future, concrete progress for enhancing and protecting these 53 acres of bayfront property is already on its way.

A Vision for the Future

Sailboats and paddle boards on the water.In the end, the bayfront will be an iconic, renowned destination — a must-see spot in Southern Florida, a vibrant and luscious oasis. With public access spanning across several neighborhoods, the bayfront will also foster a stronger, more tight-knit community bond. Plus, homes here will shoot up in value.

In addition to greater connectivity thanks to pedestrian walkways, bike paths, and water transit connections, there will also be tons to do and see. Enjoy special outdoor and aquatic programming, shopping centers, top-notch restaurants, and — most importantly — plenty of parking access. Fishing, biking, shopping, music, skating, boating — you can do it all at the new and improved bayfront.

A family walking through an open grass field.Since the 20:20 Bayfront Development will be brand new, it benefits from the latest in sustainable technology. The new buildings, structures, and walkways will strive to enforce ecological, economic and financial sustainability in the community. The residents of Sarasota are grateful for all of the beautiful outdoor areas that the region provides, so even while improving upon it, they’ll work tirelessly to sustain and conserve it as well.

Get Involved

A group of people at a coffee shop.If you’re interested in furthering the progress of the bayfront project, there are plenty of ways to get involved. A few helpful ways to lend a hand include partnering with the Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization and Bayfront 20:20 to promote awareness, liking and following the development’s social media pages, subscribing to the newsletter, and donating to the project.

Since the 20:20 Bayfront Development has emphasized community involvement from the beginning, your voice as a community member is always appreciated and heard. If any public meetings or focus groups are announced, you can attend and provide your input!

Find Your Home in Sarasota

In just a few short years, the bayfront project will be completed, and the Sarasota community will be transformed. Don’t miss out on the excitement and opportunity of owning a home in this rapidly developing area — find your new home here today!

If you have any questions — whether it’s about the 20:20 Bayfront project, Sarasota area in general, or real estate related — don’t hesitate to contact the Kotaska Team.

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