Quay Sarasota: What You Need to Know About This $1 Billion Sarasota Development

Did you know that a $1 billion development project is shaking up Sarasota? Quay Sarasota is a 15-acre, mixed use project pioneered by GreenPointe Holdings, and it has the potential to bring some pretty big changes to the area. Here are all the details you need to know.

What is Quay Sarasota?

Aerial rendering of Quay Sarasota
Image Courtesy of Florida Business Observer

It’s not easy to describe Quay Sarasota in just a few words—it’s just that diverse! This mixed use development will have something for everyone, from commercial investors to locals searching for the right home. Current plans include 700 high-end residences, retail and restaurant space, a hotel, a main street, and even a 52-acre outdoor entertainment space.

Wondering what this means for Historic Downtown Sarasota? Greenepoint Holdings intends for Quay to act as an extension to Downtown, allowing tourists and locals to experience all the area has to offer. You can expect to see the full extent of the development by the late 2020s, and the Sarasota skyline will sure look different!

Sarasota’s Shifting Epicenter

Woman on city streets

Although the area will definitely look a lot different after the completion of Quay Sarasota, the changes are expected to be positive. Currently, Downtown Sarasota is small and quaint, but there are plenty of benefits to modernization. In fact, one of Greenpointe Holdings’ main goals is to preserve Sarasota’s stunning historic district.

One of the biggest shifts you’ll notice is Quay Commons. This Main Street area will serve as a new epicenter for Sarasota. Here, you’ll find endless shopping and dining opportunities, as well as hotels and apartments. This will fundamentally shift the center of town, and the local government is already planning road improvements.

Things to Keep in Mind

Highway interchange

As we look to the future, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to large developments. Although Quay Sarasota will have a positive impact on our community, it’s still crucial to support existing Downtown businesses. Our local economy is one of the best things about our community, and we hope Quay Sarasota will seamlessly integrate with our existing businesses and residential spaces.

The large influx of retail and housing will also cause some initial traffic issues at first. However, as Sarasota begins adjusting to this newfound growth, it will become an even better place to live!

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