Here’s How Virtual Tours Are Changing How We Buy and Sell Homes

The last few weeks have been difficult for everyone, to say the least. And if you’ve been thinking about buying or selling your home, you might be weighing your options or second-guessing your decision. However, agents across the country are taking this opportunity to embrace virtual tours, along with many other digital alternatives.

Wondering if these changes are here to stay? Here’s how virtual tours could have a lasting impact on the real estate industry!

Virtual Tours Are Impacting the Industry in More Ways Than One

Imagine being able to check out every inch of a listing from the comfort of your couch. Virtual tours offer more than just a few photos—they’re a full digital experience that allow you to “walk” through a home without even being in it!

Virtual tours are helping buyers and sellers during today’s crisis

Woman on a virtual tour

As we navigate the uncertain days ahead of us, you might think you have to put your real estate goals on hold. This couldn’t be further than the truth, and both buyers and sellers can benefit from using virtual tours.

If you’d rather avoid in-person showings, virtual tours are the easiest way to get an in-depth look at a home while still practicing social distancing. This added level of convenience makes it simple to narrow down your options without traipsing through dozens of homes.

Selling your home soon? Make sure your agent showcases your listing with a virtual tour. Many buyers are spending more time online, which means your home has to look amazing in person and on a screen. Virtual tours don’t just increase digital traffic to your home—they also help you save time and minimize in-person showings.

Are virtual tours here to stay? Probably!

Virtual tour on a tablet

Virtual tours have been popular for quite some time now—but in the wake of today’s crisis, they’ve become essential for buyers and sellers alike. As completely web-based real estate transactions become the norm, we can expect to see them stick around for a while…especially in Sarasota!

Sarasota’s unique market features many buyers who are looking for a second home or want to relocate. If you’re unable to attend a showing in-person, virtual tours offer the same experience from your phone, computer, or tablet!

Expect even more innovations

Woman using a VR headset

Want to know what’s next for virtual tours? It’s hard to say—but the innovations just keep coming. While some agents only offer video tours, others craft fully immersive 3D experiences that utilize 360º cameras. We could even see a shift towards virtual reality tours, so you can really “walk” through potential homes!

Ready to Take Your Next Steps?

We understand that these are difficult times for everyone, and the Kotaska Team is always here to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, even if you aren’t buying or selling soon. We’d love to hear from you and chat about your real estate goals, as well as our amazing virtual tours.

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