Why You NEED to Work with a Certified Realtor

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Do you know what makes a Realtor different than just any real estate agent? Actually, kind of a lot! There are tons of key factors that make Realtors experts in their field, so the choice is easy—whether you’re buying or selling your home, make sure to go with a certified Realtor. 

Here are some reasons why working with a Realtor will give you an edge.

A certified expert

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Realtors must undergo extensive vetting before joining the National Association of Realtors. Not only is a Realtor an expert in your local area, but they also know how to treat buying and selling like business transactions, and won’t let their emotions get in the way. They’re truly an objective third party within a sale. 

Not only are Realtors moral centers within the real estate process, but they’re also given great resources to get their clients that sale. Realtors are required to stay current on all the changes that happen within the market, so they can continue to be the best in the business.

A broad pool of connections

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Because not all real estate agents are Realtors, they might not have access to the same network. Realtors are a close-knit bunch, and often share contacts and resources for home buyers and sellers.

 If you use a Realtor, you gain access to a broad pool of resources that can give you a leg up on the competition. Your Realtor will have lots of recommendations—from home inspectors to painters—and they’ve got the know-how to make things happen. 

A strict code of ethics 

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What’s the main difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent? The biggest and most important detail is the rigorous code of ethics Realtors must follow. To protect their clients, agents must abide by a 17 article code that outlines their obligations as a Realtor. 

The biggest takeaway is that a Realtor must put their client’s interests above their own and treat everyone fairly. This protects clients and gives them the best experience possible.

A great set of benefits

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Realtors have quite a few additional benefits that set them apart from regular real estate agents. This includes the power to lobby congress for change in the real estate industry, access to continuing education classes to give them an edge, and discounts for them and their clients. 

All of these benefits go directly to the people Realtors serve—you! Working with a Realtor gives you access you all of the benefits they receive, which will help whether you’re buying or selling. 

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