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2015 Was the Best Year in Sarasota Real Estate

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The Sarasota-Manatee housing market set new records for real estate sales in 2015. As Ilene Denton wrote in Sarasota Magazine at the start of the new year, Industry insiders are using phrases like “shattering records” and “skyrocketing sales prices” to describe the frenetic pace of resales and new construction across the region. For the first time ever, the City of Sarasota […]

The Latest Developments in Lakewood Ranch

Florida has seen so much development in the past few decades, and Lakewood Ranch is staying top-of-mind with its stunning growth and development. It’s often considered its own town with its business parks, events, and golf courses, and this 17,500-acre master-planned community has nine villages offering everything from townhomes to estates that give residents the luxury and […]

What’s Better Than Gold? (Sarasota) Real Estate, According to National Poll

Where to Invest? Try the Sarasota Real Estate Market When it comes to making a sound investment, more Americans prefer to put their money in real estate than stocks and even gold, according to a recent Gallup Poll. Evidently, Americans believe that real estate is the “best” long-term investment, compared with gold, stocks, mutual funds, […]

Great News About Flood Insurance for Sarasota Homeowners in Florida!

Sarasota County homeowners are sure to be relieved when they hear about the latest decision made by the US House of Representatives regarding flood insurance! Recently, the House overwhelmingly approved a piece of bipartisan legislation that will help keep flood insurance rate increases to a minimum.   The possibility of flood insurance hikes had been […]

Housing Experts Say Florida’s Real Estate Market Will Improve in 2014

All eyes are on Florida’s real estate market, according to a recent Herald Tribune article I was reading. Evidently, the Home Buying Institute recently predicted that our state will surpass other housing recoveries in California, Las Vegas and Phoenix next year. The institute’s predication comes as housing supply is waning in many area markets, including […]